Who is the Brash Librarian?

Hi, I’m Justin Brasher, The Brash Librarian. I’m here to show 20-something college kids that a Masters in Library Science (MLS) isn’t just for librarians. From the circulation desk to the CIA to the private sector, it’s a degree that can take you anywhere – and I’ll show you how. I’ll be posting on library events, changes and all other sorts of shenanigans in the vast and awesome world of information science.

Enjoy the ride!

2 Responses to Who is the Brash Librarian?

  1. Edenia says:

    I could not think of anything Brash enough the other night or today in the light of day I did my library thing and pulled my “Ready Reference” on-line translator. It said you are FRESCO (I thought of that as not strong enough) or IMPETUOSO (Impetuous- a little polite but too negative for the term) or PRESUNTUSO (not what I think you had in mind but …) I think Fresco and Presumptuoso may fit your goals best.
    Great to see you at FLA. Congratulations on your site and i signed up to follow you. I will forward picture. Your effervesence will Insprire many.

  2. msnoseinabook says:

    So, I nominated you for Liebster Award because as you know, I love your blog! Hope to read more Brash Librarian posts soon!


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