And The Recruits Keep On Coming In…


So I hit the downtown arts festival the other day with my friends and had a great time looking at photos, paintings, carvings, sculptures, jewelry and all kinds of great stuff. On the way back through downtown, one of my friends stopped into her work to pick up her paycheck and didn’t want to go in alone; naturally, I went in with her to keep her company. Turns out she was working in the local theatre, my home away from home!

As we walked, she confided that she was losing her passion for theatre. “I just don’t feel into it anymore, like I’ve lost my passion, my fire…you know?” Of course I know! My double major in Theatre and Business? The guy who went out to California for acting and came back because he lost his fire? It was like looking at a younger female version of myself. I told her my story – as a guy who lost his fire for acting, I still love acting but I only do the roles I want. As I tell my friends, I’m not for hire.

After we got a chance to sit down and talk more, I learned that she’s wanted a change of pace and career. Like me, she loves being involved in the theatre but wants to do it for the love of it. At that point, I asked her what else she loves to do. “Well, my minor’s in Art History…I’d really enjoy something like a museum curator.” In my mind, a museum curator and a library director are both management positions that call for similar skills. I told her to check out the program, and she asked me to email her the details as soon as I could. WHEE!

Thanks, Chuck!

This is how it’s done, my fellow library people. Get people involved! People need to have their stereotypes smashed. Information and library sciences = totally rad.

Stay classy kids, get into the program!

-Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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