Brash Jobs

What are Brash Jobs?

Brash Jobs is an ongoing series we have here at Brash Librarian to help current/future library professionals (YOU) enter the library industry and develop your professional skills. If you have a question or idea that you’d like addressed in a future post, please post it below. Otherwise, feel free to peruse previous Brash Jobs postings!

Where to Start

Brash Jobs: The Job Hunt

The first in the Brash Jobs series

Brash Jobs: Better Library Leaders

Listen to my interview with Dr. Sarah Clark on what it means to be a library leader

Brash Jobs: Libraries 101

“I applied to EVERY library near me.” Are you sure?

Brash Jobs: How to Succeed in The Job Market

Gotta get your mind right and step up your game!

Build Your Arsenal

Brash Jobs: Skills, Experience, Confidence (Part 1)

If you have skills, don’t be afraid to use them

Brash Jobs, Skills, Experience, Confidence (Part 2)

The cocky, the confident, and how to tell the difference

Brash Jobs: Skills And Confidence (Part 3)

Make friends, learn from others, and get some montage music

The Hunt Begins

Brash Jobs: Preparing for the Job Hunt and Interview (Part 1)

Plan your start to greatness!

Brash Jobs: Preparing for the Interview (Part 2)

90% of getting the job happens before the interview

Brash Jobs: Interview Q&A Practice (Part 3)

What to expect, what to ask, and what to do

Brash Jobs: Dressing for the Interview…With a Surprise Guest! (Part 4)

When it comes to dressing for the interview, Combatant Gentleman has you covered


Brash Jobs: RFID and Inventory Has Begun!

Our first venture into the realm of radio frequency technology

Brash Jobs: RFID and Inventory, Week Two

Oh, there’s more than just tagging and scanning!

Brash Jobs: RFID, The Revenge

Just when you thought it was over…

Brash Jobs: The Power of the Hashtag

All it takes is one hashtag to get noticed…by a world Irish dancing champion
Google hasn’t made us obsolete. There’s plenty we can learn from one another!

Brash Jobs: Apps! (And Reasons To Love Them)

Learn how much apps can simplify your life

Special Topics

Brash Jobs: Weeding and Liability

Yes, books can kill

Brash Jobs: Liability and Policy

Once more into the world of liabilities

Brash Jobs: The Elon Musk Way to Succeed in the Library Industry

We like Elon Musk around these parts

Brash Jobs: Work-Life Balance

Center yourself and remember that you’re not always on the clock

Brash Jobs: MBA Program & Other Updates

MBA’n ain’t easy, yo

Brash Jobs: Copyright and Permission

I get a lesson in copyright from the folks at Unshelved. Even my lawyer applauded this one.

Brash Jobs: Libraries As a Business Tool

You show me a business that doesn’t use libraries, and I’ll show you a business going bankrupt

 Library School

Brash Jobs: What Library School DOESN’T Teach You

“Did you learn that at library school?”

Brash Jobs: What Library School DOESN’T Teach You, Part 2: Hardest Part of The Job

We all know this one

Brash Jobs: What Library School DOESN’T Teach You, Part 3: Law and Order

The legal and practical sides of the library

Brash Jobs: What Library School DOESN’T Teach You (Part 4)

There are some things school and training can’t prepare you for.

Brash Jobs: What Library School DOESN’T Teach You, Part 5: Management

No library management class prepares you for the crazy that ensues

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