Unusual Librarians Who Rock

What is Unusual Librarians Who Rock?


Unusual Librarians Who Rock (ULWR) is an on-going series about librarians…who are unusual in some way…and who rock…pretty self-explanatory. Living or dead, fictional or non, it’s nice to have role models who inspire and make us root for our fellow librarian.

Every profession has role models that either got them into their job or help make the job fun. Police have Barney Fife, Joe Friday, and the entire cast of Law & Order and Police Academy. Doctors have HouseScrubs, ER and so on. Any lawyer who didn’t get into law because of Jack Mccoy or Perry Mason is a straight-up liar. Us librarians, we have Batgirl, Indiana Jones, and many more.

If you need some motivation to get into libraries (or stay in them), read about some awesome librarians below!

Unusual Librarians Who Rock

Hey Gang! I know it’s been awhile since I did my ULWR post, so I thought I’d share a favorite! This time, I thought I’d venture off the beaten path and try one most people wouldn’t know. I was recently … Continue reading

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Unusual Librarians Who Rock Returns! Really, really, Unusual…

SURPRISE!!! You guys almost thought I wasn’t going to post this week, didn’t you? Take that, naysayers and Debbie Doubters. This episode of ULWR is brought to you by The Edinburgh Evening News and my Brash Sidekick, Katy. The Evening … Continue reading

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Unusual Librarians Who Rock (Continued)

Hey Friends! So I gave this one a good deal of thought and consideration…It took going back over the character numerous times, but I can say with fair certainty that Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. is actually a librarian. That’s right, … Continue reading

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Unusual Librarians Who Rock, Continued

Hey Friends! This week, our unusual librarian is NOT fictional! That doesn’t happen often. Thank you Katy for sending this my way, BTW. Say hello to Andy Burkhardt, who helped bring dogs into his library to help kids during finals! … Continue reading

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Unusual Librarians Who Rock (first in a series)

You know who makes an awesome librarian? Batgirl. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: Batgirl, otherwise known as Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. She’d rush from the library to help Batman and Robin bash up some super criminals. For those who … Continue reading

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