Grades! Classes! Fame!

Hey Friends!

So I had my first week of classes for the summer, and let me tell you…it was like getting punched in the face with candy, fun and rainbows! This semester, I’m taking:

Storytelling: Yes, I actually get to tell stories for class credit. Other majors, be jealous. I haven’t acted in quite some time, and it kills me! Classes that run week nights kind of make it difficult to attend rehearsals, so I can get a bit of my actor out and perform for my class. Thank you Dr. Koontz for asking me to take her class at the FLA convention!

Foundations of Information Professionals: A very friendly and fun class! Learn about the roots of professions in the information field – good if you’re not sure where you want to land after your MLS.

Management of Information Organizations: Given that I want to go into management such as a library director or branch manager, this is a great class for getting some of those skills!

Whoa up, I’m getting ahead of myself! What about my spring grades? Oh yeah:

When your car breaks down, call on AAA. Or A-A-A. Ka-POW!

So…yeah, I’m on a pretty good streak. Whoo-hoo!

As for my 15 minutes of fame this week, I was having a stressful Friday. My good friend Emma was having a stressful week, I took my 3rd library assessment test for Alachua County Library District’s Page position (fingers crossed!), and I just felt burned out. My super awesome friend Jovon (creator of my totally sweet banner) offered to take me out for Mochi yogurt, and it was delicious! On my way to Mochi, a got a call from another friend, Devon. Turns out he was rolling into town with a moving truck and unloading it with nobody to help – yikes! Given my superhero complex and urge to help people, I promised him I’d be right over. After yogurt, of course.

After some delicious Mochi, some deep conversation with Jovon and a hug from a man dressed as Jesus in the downtown plaza, I set out to help Devon unload his truck! Devon thanked me profusely, and I told him it was no problem at all. I was certainly flattered, but not nearly as much as what came next: “So how your Brash Librarian blog? Do you plan on working for the CIA or any of those other jobs you mentioned?” FLATTERY, ENGAGED.

“You actually read my blog?”

“Oh yeah, I like keeping tabs on my friends and knowing what’s going on in their lives. Your stuff is actually fun to read, too. Well-written, entertaining…better than most of the blog stuff out there.”

I was in shock. People actually read the nonsense I put up here? And they LIKE it?!? This makes my work worth it. Helping people makes me feel better, too. We worked and organized the stuff into the storage unit until well after the sun went down, but we got it all in! He promised to thank me with pizza and beer, but knowing he was reading my blog was thanks enough. I wonder who else reads my blog that I don’t know about…

Coming up: got another Unusual Librarian who rocks and other goodies.

Stay classy, kids!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian


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