Looks Like Library Science…Or Does It?

Hey Friends!

After a wonderful night last night, I’ve had a great day. Time to post stuff because I can! So my sidekick Katy shot this link my way – seems like I’m not the only one who’s out there trying to break librarian stereotypes. Looks Like Library Science lets librarians and librarians-to-be post up a picture and a short bio. Holy librarians, Batman!

We’ve got guys on motorcycles, women covered in mud, SCUBA divers, band members, cyclists, runners, writers, painters, sculptors, horseback riders, video gamers, Americans, Latvians, Russians, Australians…most of them are people I’d never guess were library science people! Specialists, directors, coordinators, archivists, circulations, catalogers, managers, volunteers…high schools, colleges, public libraries, private collections, museums…everyone is represented! Of course, how could I NOT share this? This kind of wicked-mad-crazy diversity is exactly what I want to show the world.

My tip my hat to site editors Bobbi Newman and Erin Downey Howerton for creating this site and to my Brash Sidekick, Katy!

That’s actually what my shadow looks like, bow tie and all.

Of course, I will be adding a bio and a pic as well. Librarians and future librarians, post on there as well!

Stay super and keep being awesome, kids!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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1 Response to Looks Like Library Science…Or Does It?

  1. thebookaneer says:

    I follow them on tumblr! They’re one of my favorites. So diverse! I need to do one too!

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