I Swear, the books I find…A New Segment!


Firstly, let me thank those you participated in my most recent posting’s poll as to whether or not I should do Brash vlog posts. While most weren’t opposed to it, my Brash Sidekick Katy made note that many of my fans may be at work or some other place where audio is less convenient. Librarians can’t just blare audio in the library or put on headphones and shut out patrons, now can they? As such, I’ve decided to make it an occasion item. Now to figure out what my first one will be on…

Anyway, I was out for my friend Grant’s birthday a week or so ago when our mutual friend Troy showed up for the birthday fun. Upon his arrival, he shook my hand and said:

“Mr. Brash Librarian! Keep writing those blogs, good sir! When’s the next one?”

I know I’ve mentioned people reading my blog in the past, but I still can’t get over the fact that people actually READ the stuff that I write. I thoroughly enjoy knowing I inspire and help and entertain so many people. Did I mention that have fans around the world now? I have fans in Brazil and Hungary now. HUNGARY! I thought it was cool just having fans from out of state. (That’s right, I’m looking at you, msnoseinabook! I’m calling people out today.)

If I ever start slacking behind on the blog, just remind me how much you guys love the nonsense that I right and my pride will churn out a new post the next day. Speaking of new posts, it’s time for a new segment! Working in the archives really gives me a wonderful opportunity to see plenty of old books…when you look through as many books as I do, you’re bound to run into some funny ones. I post them on my personal Facebook page, but I’ve yet to post them to here or to the official Brash Librarian Facebook page. Time to fix that.

Don’t worry, Unusual Librarians isn’t going away, it’ll make a return in the coming weeks. Now then, enjoy these literary archive gems!

Mr. Doolittle As Possible. Sounds legit.

This guy REALLY wanted to know Roger’s middle name.

This was from a book on aerial forestry photography.

We found this in a book. Bank of America wouldn’t take it.

Should the lead warrior for the poor be a Crook? Maybe Robin Hood had it right.

Why is the book on heroic Korean people published in China?

HA! If this was truly the master techniques for writing papers, then it shouldn’t need a second edition. Eat that, Bogardus

I hope you enjoyed these guys as much as I did. Don’t forget to join my Brash Facebook page and feel free to add me personally as well. Stay classy, my little Brashies! (That works, right?)

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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2 Responses to I Swear, the books I find…A New Segment!

  1. msnoseinabook says:

    Yeah you got me! lol. I do love your posts though, very entertaining and this one was especially great because of the pics you posted. I dream of working in archives *drool* I am shamelessly addicted to Librarian blogs 🙂

  2. Hee hee hee – you crack me up!

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