Watch the Superbowl? Yeah, me neither. Also, Valentine’s Day Contest!

Hey Friends!

Didn’t expect me to post this early in the week, did ya? I’ve got bunches going on this week and thought I’d better get something up just in case I couldn’t do it later. So how about that Superbowl, huh? Lights going out in the middle of the game? Seriously, New Orleans. As my friend Jovon put it, “you had a year to prepare”. I just felt bad about the random guy who was in the bathroom when that side of stadium powered out – you try washing your hands in pitch black, it ain’t easy.

Getting back to the topic at hand, the real reason why we watch the Superbowl when we don’t care about either team: the commercials. (Sorry guys, if the Broncos aren’t playing, I really don’t care.) In case you didn’t catch the Superbowl or missed this commercial, Oreo had a lovely little ad. By “lovely”, I mean “super rad awesome because it happened in the library”. BEHOLD!

Thank you Oreos for making libraries a place where people can read, hang out, and get into brawls over creme-filled cookies. So awesome! So bold! So BRASH! Yes, I will milk my last name for all it’s worth. Speaking of milk, they had it all wrong – it’s the milk you dip the cookies in that’s the best part.

So Valentine’s day is coming up and Brash Sidekick Katy linked me to Librarian Wardrobe’s Annual Valentine’s Day Crush Contest. The Librarian Wardrobe blog wants to “feature some crushworthy librarians…This doesn’t have to be a romantic crush, it could just be someone you admire professionally or fashionably. Someone who is doing really exciting things, or someone you wouldn’t mind reading some Byron with.”

This is more for my librarian friends than anyone; as part of the their rules, “anyone nominated has to be in the library profession, and all nominations must come from others in the library sciences. You *must* explain why you are crushing on this person or your nomination will be ignored. Please only nominate a person once, but you can make multiple nominations for different individuals.” However, they have a part where you can just say you’re a library nerd at the end of the questionnaire. It actually says other, but that’s what I would put. You’ll also get to write questions for them to ask me should I win and get interviewed!

Feel free to nominate me, I just threw this up here for a laugh and making my blog a little more interactive when I can. Don’t forget to subscribe both on here and on Facebook, I can always use more fans!

…Oh hey look, another poll!

That’s all for this week kids, stay safe and classy!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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2 Responses to Watch the Superbowl? Yeah, me neither. Also, Valentine’s Day Contest!

  1. Amerh says:

    Celebrating library day is a good idea to have a get tohgeter of those who have spent their times of life in this area of knowledge and by sharing one another thoughts and experience is a good of gaining knowledge. Thanks for making such a nice post.

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