Road Trips Galore!


Boy, have this last week or two had some traveling! I know, I know, I had several angry emails wondering why there was no BL last week. Along with the traveling, I’ve also been on spring break and getting ready for Megacon. Don’t worry! There will be two posts this week to make up for the Brash absence. Let’s jump into the first post of this week, shall we?

As a few of you know, I went to visit my Brash Sidekick and Crush-worth librarian Katy in South Florida last weekend. In true Katy fashion, she had plenty of baked goods – brownies, cookies, cookie dough, pizza, the works. I asked Katy to make chocolate chip-less cookie dough, but I didn’t ask her to put it on anything. My sweet tooth is no stranger to Brash decisions, so I put it on top of my brownies.

Cookie dough-covered brownies. OH. MY. GOD. I ate three in one sitting without blinking an eye.

After that incredible sugary blessing, there was tv, catching up, yoga, farmer’s markets and all sorts of fun to be had. Truly, Katy is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I will never forget the look of shock/disgust/horror on her face as she watched me down three giant brownies covered in cookie dough. My tummy was too happy to care!

Fast forward to Tuesday, and our next adventure takes us to Tallahassee, the Florida State Capitol as I rode with the Levy County Public Library System supporters for library legislation day. Along with a group of 40 or 50 strong, including Friends of The Library (FOL) members, home school children and their parents, the Bookaneer and myself, we worked our way around the Capitol building to thank our senators for their support to libraries.

Senators Charlie Dean and Charlie Stone took time out of their busy schedules to speak with us and talk about what libraries mean to them. Additional photos and information on our trip can be found on Jeff Hardison’s online newspaper, Check it out and see some photos of yours truly!

Yup, I’m next to Senator Charlie Dean. Cause I’m cool, that’s why! Credit to Jeff Hardison for this shot.

Here are some other highlight photos:

A shot of Tallahassee from the top floor viewing platform. Neato!

Thanks, building sign!

Lovely signs and facts from our friends at the Florida Library Association (FLA)!

Handy-dandy information!

Was this enough for the Brash Librarian? Of course not. It wouldn’t be Brash! We visited the State Library where I got to see my long time friend Cindy!

The State Library Building! It’s bigger than it looks.

Deep in the basement of the State Library is their Florida History Museum. Some choice shots I took:


The Bookaneer, queen of the bones!

Treasure. I want that ingot.

Man the cannon! They actually had a boat to wander through.

Some of those swords have glass blades. WICKED.

Also known as, “The History of Bang Bang!”

Silver Springs diorama. I LOVE the attention to detail in dioramas.

Yes, that is a primitive camper/RV. I want one.

That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it! Coming up later this week: If I have Megacon pics, I’ll talk about that. Otherwise, I’ll treat you all to one of my regularly scheduled fun posts.

Support your libraries!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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