Brash Librarian Hits Megacon!

Ahoy, Superheroes!

So I promised you guys that when I had some photos from the Megacon comic book/videogame/tv/movie/fantasy/sci-fi convention in Orlando, I’d totally put some up. It’s your lucky day! Along with my friends Stephen, Jessica, Allen and The Bookaneer, we spent the weekend at the Orange County Convention Center with several thousand people dressed in some fantastic costumes. The Bookaneer went as Power Girl from DC Comics, I went as Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Jessica put on some stubble to become Commander Riker from Star Trek.

Everything and anything was here – clothes, toys, movies, swords, accessories, jewelry, artwork…and of course, comics. Artists, writers, celebrites – everything! Patrick Stewart and Lou Ferrigno were there. I was so busy getting photos taken of myself with fans, I barely had time to take any myself! My good friend Allen Finley is a spectacular photographer, and I snagged a few of his photos to show off his talent. Check out all his photos on his Facebook page to see the rest of the convention!

I’ve got to say, I’ve never been approached by so many people before, especially women. If I had a dollar for every scantily-clad girl who ran up and begged to take a picture with me because I’m “the sexiest videogame character ever!” or guy who needed a photo with “the most badass soldier in videogame history”, I could’ve paid for my gas back to Gainesville. While conversing with some of them, I mentioned that I work in the library field and most of them were shocked – after the shock wore off, they were incredibly impressed. Fellas, women like an educated library man. And let me be perfectly clear…the women here were HOT. Check Allen’s photos if you need more proof. Ladies, the men were pretty darn muscled, too!

Saturday morning with the Bookaneer and Jessica! (Or Powergirl and Commander Riker!)

Spider-Man! This guy’s costume was indeed AMAZING. See what I did there? I’m a nerd.

Man, this guy did a really good Wolverine. Those claws are pretty rad.

Dynamo from The Running Man! I had to get this for Alex and Dylan.

LEGO had an entire area on display, literally an entire LEGO city. This thing was huge! Also, I have no idea what’s up with the bottle on the right.

Nick Fury from The Avengers shook my hand. We one-eyed heroes gotta stick together!

Superheroes everywhere! Another Powergirl! That Superman and Green Lantern were pretty ripped. Enjoy, ladies!

My nemesis, Revolver Ocelot! It was awesome to run into characters from my own series.

Gotta say, I had an amazing time. I loved going in costume, and I look forward to making more friends and talking about how awesome a librarian can be. My point from all this? Don’t be afraid to be yourself, people. Dress up, geek out, get nerdy, show your inner fanboy (or fangirl). Be bold, be Brash, and be awesome!

Stay nerdy,

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

(AKA Big Boss!)

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