Brash Getting Random.

Oh, hello there!

So I got some time to finally write a little, and I realized…I’m not sure what to write about this time. More stuff about mud racing? Unusual Librarians Who Rock? Job-related stuff? More garbage about how awesome I am?


Let’s jump into a bunch of random stuff. I’ll start with something that isn’t me – let’s wish happy birthday to a special fan, msnoseinabook! She’s probably my earliest fan/subscriber who wasn’t already a friend or family member. In fact, she’s from another state and I’ve never met her in my life – but we’re friends on Facebook, that means we’re friends in real life as well!

Now then, back to me…Moving into my new apartment in Palatka has been pretty fun. I’ve been trying to exorcise the inner hoarder and live a clutter-free life. Thankfully, I have help from my Brash Sidekick Katy! Yes, she is the Queen of Clean, the Empress of Spotless, The Heroine of Hygiene, The Huntress of Hoarders…I’ll stop before she punches me. As I get rid of stuff, I get to look at stuff I’ve missed as I unpack it. Awards are always fun to look at!

My student senate award brought back some memories from being the SCUBA Diving Club senator.

Hall of Famer, right here.

This next award, I won for my amazing essay on George Romero’s use of his zombie trilogy (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead) as social commentary on racism, consumerism and other aspects of American culture. I presented my paper at the BTN conference held at Disney’s conference center – and 1st place couldn’t attend, so I got to have all the attention!

Yes, I’m aware of the irony here.

I think I’ll hang these at work. Speaking of work, things are going well! Rolling out some top-secret stuff I can’t talk about just yet, but I can mention that we now have a Facebook page! Granted, we don’t have much of anything on it yet, but that will come as we roll out some of the other new stuff. Stop by and like us at (lib as in library)! While I work on hanging these, take a look at my office door and all its (lack of) splendor:

I really like magnets and Stark Industries. I think a Wayne-Tech magnet is next.

Yes, I know it’s a bit sparse, but working on it. When I’m not exorcising my hoarding demons, I’m exercising like a wicked demon. November’s Tough Mudder race is ticking closer and closer, and I learned from the last Superhero Scramble that I needed more hydration. Sorry, race guys, but 3 water stations during an 8 mile race just didn’t cut it – and I don’t plan on that happening again. I needed something lightweight that won’t slow me down and something sleek that won’t get in my way. That’s when I found this guy!

And I even like the color!

Camelbak’s 70 oz monster was just what I had in mind. Compact, light, streamlined, no bulky or frivolous pockets, and a sternum strap to keep everything locked down tight while running, jumping, climbing, etc. I’ve already taken it for a practice run and like the way it sits. However, I feel the flap on the back is a little easy to undo; I think I’ll sew on some velcro to ensure it stays in place while jostling around.

So tell me…what do you enjoy seeing on here? What would you like see more of?

Feel free to comment below, or share your thoughts on Brash Librarian’s Facebook page. For the love of cupcakes, please tell me what makes you all smile (besides more posts).
I look forward to hearing from you!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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2 Responses to Brash Getting Random.

  1. Katy a.k.a. Brash Sidekick says:

    Request: Post shorter, more focused, and more frequent entries. I’d love to see one short post dedicated to your move to Palatka (seriously, not a diatribe, 50-100 words would suffice); one post dedicated to the new job (maybe a little longer, but nothing crazy); a quickie about the new hydration system (think tweet-length or so); etc. Go back to posting weekly-ish but short posts that take maybe 15 minutes, not multiple days (and you know I know you’ve been working on this for a few days now) to compose. This would also allow you to tag things a little more concisely rather than comprehensively.

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