Oh, ‘ello!

Yup, it’s that time of year again – Halloween, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cake, pumpkin beer…even pumpkin shampoo!

As usual, I’m having my yearly “ohmygodwhatdoIwear?” breakdown where I can never decide on a costume. Something comfy to wear a party is usually good – as much as I love being Big Boss, it’s not the most suited for lounging at pumpkin carving parties. Anybody have suggestions? The current contender is the tenth Doctor of the Doctor Who series played by David Tennant. Black glasses, suit, tie, overcoat at times, sneakers, auburn hair…if only he had a beard on the show, I could be his clone.

It’s like a English clone, only clean shaven.

Any other suggestions? Being a handsome time-traveler isn’t so bad, really. I’m going to a pumpkin carving party tonight with fellow library workers…perhaps pics will come of it? If I bring my homemade candy corn liqueur, who knows what may happen.

With the changing of the seasons come new things…I’ll be running Tough Mudder with the Bookaneer next week, plus my phone is falling apart and I need a new one. I’m torn between two phones – one with a removable SD card and one with no removable storage. These new phones nowadays want to try and stream everything or save it to the cloud. Google music and whatnot, etc…I still feel a little naked with no card to store photos, files, music and other things on my phone and relying on a server farm in Norway. What are your experiences? Anyone like it? Dislike it? Confused? (It happens often around here, like being on a Tardis!)

My other issue being that there is a $300 difference between the two phones; the one place I try to avoid being Brash is my wallet. I’m planning for a price drop in the coming month, Black Friday and all. Either way, I wager I’ll have a new phone by December.

So, that’s all I have for this week. Enjoy your weekends, and stay safe all!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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