Out Sick This Week

Hey Friends!

Sorry, no major ultra-cool-sweet-awesome rad post this week. As much as I wanted to finish my next Brash Jobs post, I just couldn’t. Sadly, my sweetie came down with the flu during the MLK weekend and I spent most of my weekend helping her rest up and recover.

And that’s when I woke up with a cough. NOOOOO.

How I feel after that first cough.

How I feel after that first cough. Did anyone else like this movie?

Good news: I went to the doctor and tested negative for the flu, but I’m on Tamiflu as a preventative just in case!

Bad news: It’s hard to sleep during a coughing fit. Don’t worry! I’m not contagious and I’m starting to feel better. However, less sleep = less time/energy = substandard posts.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose. In this field, you run into all kinds of people from all over the area who carry all kinds of germs. Libraries serve as a community hub, and large groups of people will always pass around what my teaching friends call “the crud”.

(Pretty much every school teacher ever can relate to this one.)

But there’s a bright side – this is another one of those times I’m glad I work in libraries! As far as I can surmise, my daily exposure to the library environment has helped keep my immune system on its toes and helped fight off the flu. Had I been working a more private job in an environment that didn’t temper my immune system, I might have the aches, pains, fever, chills and everything else my sweetie caught right now.

In other words, libraries are good for you – and not just to help you learn.




It’s now the weekend, so I intend to rest up to 100% and really get going on next week’s post!

Stay healthy this flu season,

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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2 Responses to Out Sick This Week

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi Justin,
    Sure hope both of you feel better soon….really enjoy the brash librarian!

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