Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween weekend! It’s been pouring here, but I’ve been lucky enough to wear my costume twice now! Once yesterday for work, and once in our comic book convention that I will cover next week.

Who did I go as, you ask? I went as Chris Pratt’s character Owen from the new Jurassic World movie. Now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!


That handsome devil.

Owen is a park ranger and Velociraptor trainer who trains four raptors – Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo – as hunting dogs to catch the film’s new big bad dinosaur. Remember those names, because it’ll be important in a minute.


Look how he handles Blue, Delta and Echo.

Blue shirt? Check. Leather vest? The real official vest is about $130, but Amazon had a pretty sweet vest for under $20. (I ain’t made of money!) Jeans and boots? Check.


Boom! We’re in business.

Like any smaller, nerdy character, many people can get mixed up. NO, I am not Indiana Jones. NO, I’m not a biker. NO, I’m not a cowboy. NO, I’m not a vigilante cop. NO, I’m not Australian, but I’m flattered that you confused me for Hugh Jackman. Come on people.

To alleviate this problem, I made myself a pretty awesome way of identifying myself: a Jurassic Park Ranger badge!

Yes, I'll make you one if you ask nicely.

Yes, I’ll make you one if you ask nicely.

Every time I got the “Who are you supposed to be?”, I’d just point to my badge clipped on my vest; the responses would either be, “Oh, that’s awesome!” or “I don’t get it. Aren’t you supposed to wear a fedora?”…seriously, It has a T-Rex and JURASSIC WORLD on the top. On the plus side, it really let me know who the real movie nerds were in the library! There’s nothing quite like teenagers coming up to you after Mrs. Fedora there and saying, “Hey man, I know you’re Chris Pratt from Jurassic World – and  that costume is baller, mad props on the ID.”

So, internet, you tell me…


jurassic compare

Meet my book carts Echo, Delta and BLUE.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find a blue cart on the fly. According to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the general consensus seems to be in my favor. To be fair, I know I’m playing a biased pro-librarian or pro-Justin crowd of people…and the group that wants me to make them Jurassic World IDs.

Now off I go to get candies and celebrate Halloween! Post your costumes on my page or link them to me and I’ll put them in a coming post!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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