Brash Librarian Turns 30!

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone is doing well, I know I sure am.

About 10 days ago, I was debating what to do for my birthday last Saturday on May 21st. Being the frugal person that I usually am, I thought a quiet dinner or night in was what I needed. A friend of mine asked me what I was doing for my 30th birthday, and she found it very underwhelming. In retrospect, I totally agree.

While discussing what I should really do, she asked a question I hadn’t really considered: Why not just fly back to Florida for the weekend? (For those unacquainted with me, I moved from Florida to Texas almost two years ago.) I’d get to see friends, family, and ring in my birthday with familiar faces. You only turn 30 once, and I didn’t want to look back at 60 and regret not going.


When I told my family about my plan, they decided to skip presents and just chip in for the airline tickets. My brother was really wanting to get me a Fitbit, but I won’t care about a Fitbit 30 years from now. Away I went on Thursday morning! I started off visiting my brash sidekick Katy and just getting some quality time with my family; since becoming a manager in February, I’ve needed a break like this. No worries, no problems, no patrons dying in my parking lot, just lots of laying around and food – primarily amaretto and chocolate peanut buttercup ice cream, because my family knows me SO well. I’ve been getting back into running and watching what I eat, but I ate with reckless abandon. Steak, chocolate brownies, ice cream, I put more food in me than physically possible.

Han amazed

Friday night was spent at my favorite little bar, The Midnight. I’ve been going there for years now, I used to help host trivia nights and have rung a few birthdays in there before…what better spot to celebrate?

After that was a series of great events. For the sake of time, I’ve condensed it all for you!

  • People started buying me drinks and wishing me happy birthday.
  • My best friend Dylan showed up, despite having a killer sinus infection.
  • Other good friends started showing up, including some I wasn’t expecting!
  • I made new friends and learned about spiders, Japanese art and other great topics.
  • I expounded upon Tom Kalinski, the man who saved Barbie dolls from extinction, created He-Man, and led Sega into battle against Nintendo during the 80’s and 90’s. If video game history is your jam, you will definitely enjoy the book Console Wars.
  • The clock struck 12 and I became 30! Terror, excitement, panic and joy all at once!


  • My old roomie Caitlin and friends called me from Tampa to wish me happy birthday!
  • People bought me more drinks.
  • I discussed the importance of fine forgiveness in a library environment. I don’t know which was stranger – discussing the ethics of waiving fines in a bar, or that somebody was actually listening.
  • My other friend Stephanie took me out to my first breakfast in my 30s. Hellooooo, double bacon cheese steak burger.
  • Group photos!

Epic mustache game, right there.

It was sad to leave! I got back to Houston safe and sound, but still missing my friends and family. Hopefully, 31 will be a bit more organized!

Next week on Brash Librarian: I think I’m going to talk a little bit about copyright and what it means in the library world. In the meantime you can wish me a belated birthday (or ask about copyright) here or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and wish me there!


Justin Brash, Brash Librarian

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