Happy Holidays From Brash Librarian

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, post-Cyber Monday, post-post-Cyber Monday, and all the other things related to the holidays. Sorry retailers, but you can’t expect us to take you seriously if you’re telling me “the Cyber Mondays are still here!” on Thursday or Friday. (I’m looking at you, Groupon.)

It’s been awhile since my last post, but the sands have been shifting. This past month, our director announced his retirement, and there has been a fair amount of uncertainty: what will happen next? Who will be the next director? What will happen on next week’s episode???


This week, I thought it would be nice to slow down, smell the gravy & leftovers, and take a moment to appreciate the great things in life. So, what am I thankful for this holiday?

A Great Job

As much as my job might be filled with angry patrons who want to rip my face off or a DVD machine that requires the job skills of Tony Stark, I still work with talented people who make it enjoyable to work there. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my evening shift people had a small Thanksgiving dinner together. While I was not slated for the evening shift that night, they were kind enough to invite me to join them.


Shopping Deals

This year, I didn’t do much shopping but I enjoyed what I got. A stylish polo shirt, a nice blue fleece sweater, a three-pack of kitchen knives, a new electric razor…By the end of the evening, I had to ask myself the hard questions: Am I really 90 years old, or am I just that frugal a shopper?

“You’re a frugal shopper, Justin! You don’t get out of bed anything less than 40% off!”

You’re right, talking wallet! I’m not boring, I just have highly effective spending habits and know when/where the best deals are.

Public service announcement: Don’t buy TVs during Black Friday, wait until the first 20 days of January! It’s when stores start clearing out their stuff to make room for the newest TVs right in time for Superbowl Sunday.


Another semester, another step closer to getting my MBA. I’m not thrilled to be in school, but I’m thrilled about the doors it can open up and thankful for that. I’ll be honest, I was rather surprised by how laser-focused I was this semester. To give you an idea, I could have skipped the final exam and still get a B. Obviously, I didn’t and got a 95! Well, 95.549% but who’s counting?

supersonic punch

Loved Ones

Family, friends, and those we hold dear are the most important part of the year. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am – or more importantly, who I am – for better or worse. My family, Dylan, Ashley, Nigel, Caitlin, Suzie, Yaika, and about 800 other people who make my life better.

I loves you all.

Readers Like YOU!

Yes, you! The fact that you’re here reading my stuff means I didn’t write it in vain! I’ll admit, it’s gotten tough there a few times. I’ve even considered once or twice closing my doors because I feel like I don’t provide enough content. I look at someone like my best friend over at Joker on The Sofa who’s cranking out stuff constantly and feel like I can’t keep up. Sure, he’s got a little more free time than me, but STILL – even if we had the same amount of free time, he’d still out-write me any day of the week. Nevertheless, he still tells me how much he enjoys my work and I continue on! BTW, go check out his site – he binges on shows movies so you don’t have to!

Coming up in the future: Either thinking of leaning more into the Brash Jobs or reviews for library products/services. Let me your thoughts about which one I should do in the future!


Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian


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