Let me change how you think about librarians.

Welcome to the Brash Librarian!

My name is Justin Brasher, I am currently getting my Masters in Library Science (MLS) at Florida State University. I never thought I would find myself in grad school. After I graduated from the University of Florida with my Bachelors in Theatre, I had dreams of moving to California and becoming a tv and film actor. After years of being prepared for it, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I went out to visit Los Angeles, and I felt like it wasn’t for me. I had my girlfriend at the time, Eleana, my friends, family and even my dog back home. And waaay cheaper gas! I still love acting and I’ll keep acting, but only for the love of it.

When I came back to Florida, I wasn’t sure where to go from there professionally. “If you’re not going to act, what are you going to do?” my friends and family asked. I had no idea for months. That’s when my mom, a former librarian and library director herself, suggested that I take a look in Library and Information Science. Me? A mousy little librarian? No way. She kept prodding and pushing me until I finally looked into the fields inside information science. That’s when everything changed.

The world of information science isn’t limited to libraries – in fact, it’s a degree that can enter any field. ANY FIELD. They say “knowledge is power”, right? Who has more knowledge than an MLS who has been trained to find any information? That’s some real power. Do you like digging up information? Information analysts for the FBI, intelligence officers for the CIA, data consultants for private firms, private investigators, detectives, reference librarians and specialists for any topic, field or study, historians, genealogists…the people who find the unfindable. Are you more computer-inclined and tech savvy? Information security analysts, security consultants, hackers, industrial espionage, data miners, software designers, data recovery specialists…these guys can range from tech support to protecting corporations from cyber attacks to even spying on people in another country for the government. Looking for experience in management? Private and public library directors, branch managers, supervisors, committee members, college library deans, executives, board chairman…there is plenty of opportunity for advancement. More into social issues? Social media specialists, children’s librarians, virtual reference specialists, program coordinators, the possibilities are simply endless.

It was then that I realized an MLS degree didn’t mean mousy little librarians. It means whatever you want it to mean. The very reason I went into acting was because of Sean Connery as 007; when I was old enough to learn that spies don’t get the cars, gadgets and girls, I became an actor so I could play a spy someday! After this all sank in, I immediately enrolled for the following semester at FSU. I later learned that the average age for entering the MLS program was 36. I’m only 25! I’ve got an 11-year head start on most of my competition in a job market that hasn’t been hit as hard as other industries. At this point, I reasoned that if I thought an MLS was just for mousy librarians, maybe other kids my age thought that, too.

I’ve started this blog to get the message out to 20-something adults everywhere: Are you finishing up your undergrad and not sure what to do next? Have you been out for awhile and found yourself wanting to go to grad school? Give an MLS a thought. At FSU for example, it’s completely online, only 36 credit hours and no thesis required. 36 hours! At 3 classes a semester, you can be done in a year without ever having to step foot on FSU campus. Yes, guy in Miami, or girl in St. Augustine – you can get your degree which is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) and take your career anywhere you want to go. You can be a spy, a children’s program head or even just a regular librarian…Where will YOU go with it?

More to come soon!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

(Oh, and they’re not mousy. They’re just quiet because it’s a library. Be sure to silence or turn off your phone.)

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6 Responses to Let me change how you think about librarians.

  1. Mary Jane Little says:

    Justin: way cool communications! Thx for sharing! We are such a savvy profession with innovation & style! Namaste! MJ

  2. Thank you so much, MJ! Awesome people like you have made it so easy and fun to jump into the library world! It was so good seeing you!

  3. I just separated from the Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst (8yrs) in Oct’12. It’s true, the library and intelligence career fields have a lot in common. It’s nice to find someone else who sees the similarities.

  4. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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