Why I do what I do.

Happy Monday, everyone!

So one of my dear friends (and one of my first blog followers) recently sent me an email. I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like, but we stay in touch on Facebook. With her permission, this is what she sent me a week or so ago:

“Just wanted to say thanks. I sent my brother one of your blog posts about library science a few months ago. Now that he has finally decided he’s ready to pull himself out of the hole of monotony and depression he’s been stuck in, he looked into it again. One of his new roommates got his bachelor’s degree in library science, so he also has a lot of knowledge there. My brother has realized it could be a really good fit for him and he said he was actually getting excited about it when talking to his roommate. And that is a really big deal for him.
So thanks for putting to info out there. I’m very happy that you love what you are doing and love to share it with others.”

I’ll admit, I was fairly stunned. STUNNED. Most people who know me will tell you that I’m rarely left speechless. A near-death experience, finishing an amazing book, the horribly re-cut ending of Return of the Jedi, trying Nutella for the first time – it’s something that literally made me sit in silence for a good minute or two. No really, and I’m the guy who can never be quiet. I am honored that I could help somebody like this. This blog is meant to pull younger kids into library science and break the usual librarian stereotypes in an entertaining way; I never thought that my random posts of lunacy could actually assist or inspire people to this degree.

To the person referenced in this letter…I know how you feel. When I quit acting, I wasn’t sure what to do with my life. I was unemployed, depressed, and with no idea what to do with my life or career. I was lucky enough to fall into library science thanks to my friends and family. If my torch helped you through the darkness, then I have done my job to pay it forward as the Brash Librarian. Just as I have inspired you, you have inspired me to keep helping others out there who might share similar circumstances.

What an inspiring post for a Monday! Now let’s get out there and carpe diem! Scratch that…CARPE D’ENTIRE WEEK!

Stay awesome, my friends!


Justin Brasher, The Brash Librarian

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