Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Again!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Turkey Day – or Katanaka, if you’re a ninja celebrating your ninja heritage (according to Dr. McNinja). I got to spend my turkey weekends with many good friends! Jessica, Dave, Melissa, Zach, Barrett, Adam, Jesse and many more. I made my specialty Tres Leches cake for dessert and watched Bunraku (thank you Nigel for introducing me to this gem!). And Jessica had a tiny kitten to play with!

Look at that sleepy kitty!

So how about that Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right? Anybody get any good shopping done? I really didn’t have any big-ticket items I was looking for, so I didn’t do the whole “5am beat people through the Best Buy door” thing like usual. No, I went against the grain and went out around 3pm on Friday. Holy crap, it looked like zombies had broken through the barricade at Target. Items and boxes strewn everywhere, a leftover shoe, a puddle of red that could only be strawberry jam or blood. Okay, I made that last one up. I was relatively happy and frugal, but I found some good deals – primarily a totally awesome hoodie to wear when the archives are cold (which is usually) and the Sean Connery 007 collection for $8. SCORE!

Meanwhile at the mall, t-shirts were only $10 at one of my favorite stores and Skyrim for the Xbox 360 was only $29 new at Gamestop. Firstly, SCORE! Even used, Skyrim is like $45. Merry Christmas to me, whee! Secondly, let the record show that I’m a video game nerd, and proud of it. Got some t-shirts as gifts for people and other items, overall a good and inexpensive shopping trip. I’m actually making most of my gifts this year! I’d tell you what they are, but their intended recipients read my blog so I can’t tell you just yet. Boo, I know.
More to come! In the meantime, I have finals to slay. Then I shall celebrate by slaying dragons in Skyrim. Stay safe out there this holiday season, kids!
Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian


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