New Year, New Classes, New Ideas!

Happy New Year, kids!

What a crazy year 2012 was! I’m trying to remember everything that happened:

  • I ran three 5k marathons (and lost 35 pounds!)
  • I flew an airplane AND landed it! I was freaking out.
  • Had some amazing classes, especially Storytelling with Dr. Koontz
  • I became a trivia host at my favorite hangout, the Midnight
  • I started working for the University of Florida library system
  • My friend Caitlin moved in with me – best roommate ever, period.
  • I’ve traveled here, there and yonder in the name of libraries. Whether I’m telling children about living in Ecuador or helping renovate the Bronson library, I’m always on the move to help others and being a literary champion!
  • I’ve made so many new friends this year that have been amazing! Katy, Crissy, Zach, Heather, Jesse, other Jesse, Barrett, Ken, other Ken, Rachel, Jessica, Coty, Carroll, Adam, Mel, Stephen, Liz, Ryan, Roy and countless others. I of course can’t forget my super crew – Dylan, Grant, Dave, Troy, Jovon, Ashley, Nigel, Upuli, Billy, Will…best friends a man could ask for.
  • I finally got to perform with my friend Meredith Myers, the Stand-Up Librarian in a comedy show!
  • I went to the Hollywood Studios for the first time since I was a kid with Jovon, Bryan and Molly – oh, childhood, memories!
  • I went to Busch Gardens for the first time with Heather. I can’t wait to go back!

Granted, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but such is life. I’m here to have a good time and lead the way to education and awesomeness! I can’t stop for the humdrum things that happen, I’ve got too many people relying on me!

Speaking of relying on me, my main New Years resolution is to post more frequently. I owe you guys more Unusual Librarians Who Rock, more diverse content and I owe it to you more often! I’d like to try and put something out every week or every other week. I’d also like to try vlogging – does anyone actually want to see my mug talking to you every week? Can I get a consensus?

Expect more tomorrow!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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