Finals! Gingerbread Men! Zombies! Um, wait…what?


So finals are over, winter break has started, and I have returned to the land of the living. Time to catch up!

Speaking of living, let’s talk about the non-living. You know, zombies. I had the pleasure of running in the Run for Your Lives 5K Zombie Marathon. With my friends Dave, Heather and The Bookaneer, we ran through a harrowing gauntlet while being hunted by zombies. As it turns out, our friend Carroll was a zombie! The rules are simple: each person runs with three flags around their waist, and the zombies try to rip them off as you run. You make across the finish line with at least one flag left? You live. You lose all three? You turn into a zombie. As I was still recovering from a cold, my lungs couldn’t take the constant running from zombies. I eventually lost my flags, but Dave managed to keep TWO!! I was super impressed!

“I didn’t know librarians ran marathons! I thought they just stayed in the stacks all day!”

NO, silly voice in my head! Have you learned nothing reading my blog? Librarians are some of the baddest people out there!

Left to right: The Brash Librarian, The Bookaneer, Dave and Heather with our racing medals! The red/black color scheme was intentional, I swear.

Our team was red and black, and we looked super-wicked-mad-awesome! We’re considering another race or two coming up in February…perhaps a few of you nearby Florida folks will join us?

M-M-Moving On!

As long as we’re moving along, do you know who else moves along quickly? The Gingerbread Man! I was hanging out with The Bookaneer when I get a call from Meredith Myers, The Stand-Up Librarian. She was doing a holiday special and needed a gingerbread man…as a ginger and a man, she asked if I’d like to be involved in her holiday show. I’ve been meaning to work with Meredith since I met her at the Florida Library Association conference back in April, so I was thrilled to work with her. Check out her Gingerbread man video and some pics from our show at The Venue Theatre in Pinellas Park! Not to toot our horns too much, but we even got mentioned in American Libraries Magazine (at the bottom but still awesome!). Also, a mad wicked shout out to my friend Amy for driving up to see the show! She’s amazing, thank you Amy! 🙂

I’m reading Tila Tequila’s book. Quite shocking, indeed!

Dancing during our Gingerbread Man number!

My friend Amy managed to make it up for the show. Thank you so much, Amy!

To thank me for my time, Meredith made me a book stocking! Don’t forget, Meredith makes skirts, purses, hats, stockings and more with literally any pattern your inner bookworm could possibly ask for. Take a look here!

I cant thank Meredith enough for showing me a rocking good time! My inner actor hasn’t performed in ages and it was nice to be performing for a group and making them happy. But wait, there’s more! She took me to get the best grouper sandwich I’ve ever had and Candy Kitchen – loaded with all the yummy goodness of today and yesteryear. I had the pleasure of eating “The Big Mouthful”: a bar of vanilla ice cream wrapped in brownie, dipped in chocolate and covered in crushed nuts and sprinkles. This this was literally the size of a brick. And I destroyed that monster.


On a heavier note, I wish to take a moment to extend my deepest sympathies to the victims of the most recent shootings and their families. Far too often, we lose those near and dear to our hearts – you will all be in my thoughts this holiday season.

The rest of you will be in my thoughts regardless, because I love you all! Happy holidays from the Brashest Librarian out there!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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