Fundraising Adventures Continue!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a productive 2014 thus far. Stuff is getting done! For those of you who have been following, I mentioned that I’ve recently joined together with FSU’s College of Communication and Information (home of Library School!) to help raise scholarship money for the college of Information and Library Science. One of the masterminds behind all this (and my friend) Mafe wrote on my blog last week. Good news and bad news:

As I mentioned in my last email, I was going to work with the Dean and the FSU Foundation to create a more user-friendly giving page for this initiative. Finally, the FSU Foundation created the direct link below so kindly update on your blog:

This will make the online giving process so much easier! I’ve been checking the gift reports and I haven’t seen any gifts come in yet from your blog. However, don’t be disheartened because it really takes time for people to decide, especially right after the holidays.

Thanks so much again for all your efforts and let me know how I can be of further assistance.

Good news, easier to give!

Bad news, donations are low.

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for a little more awesome but I know Mafe has a point about the holidays having just passed. I don’t know about you guys, but my wallet goes into witness protection after holiday shopping is over.

Not quite this, but that would be pretty awesome.

For those who are just tuning into my blog, let me explain how this all works!

Step One: Check out the CCI Goldstein Endowed Scholarship Fund at

Step Two: Select how much you’d like to donate. Not sure how much? Don’t worry! You can always add more to your donation later.

Step Three: In the Tribute Information section, just put my name (Justin Brasher) or Brash Librarian on there and you’re on your way to fabulous prizes! In true Kickstarter fashion, I’m giving out goodies to people who donate. What would you like?

-$5-10 = Get your name mentioned on Brash Librarian – first name only to protect your privacy!

-$11-25 = Get your name mentioned and personal thank you letters from:

  • The Brash Librarian, Justin Brasher
  • Dr. Lawrence Dennis, Dean of FSU’s College of Communication & Information
  • Ms. Mary Jane Little, FSU School of Library & Information Studies Distinguished Alumnae, CCI Leadership Board past chair  and member

-$25-49 = Get yourself featured in a future post – photo, bio, whatever you’d like to share

(If you’re in the library field, this is a great way to network and get your resume out there!)

-$50+ =THE BIG ONE: Your own one-on-one interview with the Brash Librarian!


The College has also been generous enough to donate a special grand prize! Any Brash Librarian fans who donate are entered to win a special FSU bundle – t-shirts, pens, coffee mug, stuff that says, “I support libraries and library students! I’m so Brash, it hurts.”

“Gee, Justin…I don’t know if I can scrounge up five dollars…”

Stop that nonsense, 90% of my readers – if you can pay for that $6.50 cup of Starschumcks coffee, then you can give a few dollars. You’re probably about to have cardiac arrest with that much caffeine, anyway. (SEE? I can make you feel warm and fuzzy about helping others AND save your life.)

I hope to have a few happy donors I can announce in my next blog. Stay warm during this polar vortex nonsense! Portex? Polex? Is that a thing? I don’t know, but I know it’s cold out and this Netflix isn’t going to watch itself. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook!

Brashly yours,

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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