Brash Jobs: Work-Life Balance

Happy Halloween, Friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last week or three, it’s been one of those times where finding a proper balance of life and work has been out of whack. When last we left off on our most recent adventure, we had just finished two weeks of RFID tagging and inventory, followed by the onslaught of checked out books returning home that needed to be tagged and programmed. With most things tagged by the end of September, I decided it was time for some vacation. Thankfully, I already had a vacation set up! I was given the opportunity to be a groomsman in the wedding for one of my best friends, Jovon, back home in Florida.

I was lucky enough to have another bestie Caitlin pick me up from the airport in Orlando and spend a day or two with her!

With a spare day to run around town, Caitlin and her roomie Ian were kind enough to take me around town and show me some of their neighborhood. Thanks to school and work, I’ve become something of a homebody and cooking my own meals, so it was nice to stretch my legs and see the sights! Once we got to this lovely little Viet/Thai restaurant, I was torn between to dishes: the pork fried rice, and the volcano chicken. Of course I asked our server what’s she would recommend.

“Should I get the volcano chicken, or -“

“You want volcano chicken.”

*Cue skillet of delicious smelling chicken passing by to another table, a pillar of steam rising*

“Whoa, what did that guy order?”

“That volcano chicken.”

…Yup, that giant pile of chicken and veggies was GLORIOUS!

The next day was mostly catching up, resting, relaxing and walking around Gulfport. Caitlin even showed me her local little library! We also walked along the water and saw dolphins, got some fantastic breakfast, and enjoyed some much-needed friend time. Trips like these remind me of how much I miss my friends.

As the afternoon pushed on, we packed up an eventually headed over to the rehearsal wedding and dinner. Once again, the food was glorious and the decor amazing. Isn’t this little sign adorable? Also, the groomsmen wore Hawaiian shirts, shorts and Converse chucks. Why? Because my friends are awesome and also FLORIDA!

I got to see old friends (looking at you, DeVonne, Michelle, Scott, Bryan, Tim) and make new friends (bonus points to Alicia for her wicked dance skills and mad baking). Also, everyone in this family unit can COOK! Alicia make the French toast cake, and I’m 99% sure I have the recipe down.

If you’ve never read Brash Librarian before, you’re probably thinking I weigh 400 pounds by how much I mention food; it’s not just the food, but who I’m sharing it with. On the whole, I usually do all the cooking in my place and cook primarily for myself. Eating food that I didn’t have to make (and tastes 10 times better than mine) with people that I love and care about? It’s these little moments that I truly treasure. Congrats again to Jovon and Scott Harkless!

For more fun photos, be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! If I included every photo and video, we’d both be here all day.

Once I got back from Florida, it was immediately back into the fray. The following week, we held our second annual comic book convention! There’s so much good stuff in that post, I’ll need to save it for next week. You know, costumes and stuff are a great topic for Halloween week.

So what’s this post all about?

Good question! The fact is, we all work very hard and take great pride in our work, but we sometimes forget to enjoy the little things. When you’re like me – working in a place where you have no family and only a few friends – you sometimes forget how important those little things are. As much as I love to think I’m Batman and capable of anything, even Batman needs rest and friends sometimes. This really recharged my battery and helped remind me how amazing my friends are.

Coming up later this week:

This week, I’m aiming for a double post week to make up for the lack of posts. Since I need to talk about our recent comic book convention, it’ll be a perfect topic for this week!

Take care until then (and don’t eat too much candy!)

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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