Brashly Returning From The Dead

Hey, Everyone.

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted, but for good reason. Well, more like bad reasons but the reasons are solid!

Firstly, Happy Halloween!

Reference for those who use Bounty instead.

Reference for those who use Bounty instead.

I wasn’t sure what to be for Halloween, so I put about 10 choices on my Facebook and threw in the Brawny paper towel man as a joke. Of course, Brawny Man won by a landslide.

Since it was a totally work-appropriate costume, I wore it to our City costume contest, held at City Hall. While I didn’t win, I got the entire room to applaud with my humor. Just imagine half deep booming voice/half car salesman voice telling all of the council chamber, “Don’t be fooled by that quicker-picker-upper impostor, Bounty! Shop smart…shop Brawny!”


After being asked 20 times if I’m a lumberjack, I wore a name tag and carried the roll.

  • Our comic con happened.

I know I’ve promised you info about our comic book convention, but that will have to wait because there’s just too much to cover today.

  • I was in a car accident.

My car accident felt like an SNL skit or something. While on my way to our annual strategic planning meeting, I was about halfway through the intersection when a kid in a Dodge Avenger blew through a red light and hit me. He hit my front corner so hard, he whipped around and boomeranged into the back of my car. That’s right, I GOT HIT TWICE BY ONE CAR.

You can see the wheel well crumpled around the tires with not too much cosmetic damage. I was almost able to drive away from it! His car pretty much exploded like a toy, everything from the front wheels forward was gone. 

So cops show up, insurance is called, kid admits fault to everything. Turns out we both have State Farm for insurance, which contracts cars to pick us up and take us to the Hertz rental. I RODE TO HERTZ WITH THE GUY WHO HIT ME.


But wait, it gets better. I get to talking with the kid, he’s in school for mechanics. He works at a car dealership getting a job in the COLLISION REPAIR DEPT. I can’t make this up.

I was thinking another Honda because this one took it like a champ. I really hoped they  wouldn’t total it, but they did. I loved my little Honda, but they’re so expensive now. I looked around, but found nothing that really seemed good. Is a Honda 2013 or newer certified pre-owned that’s reasonably priced so hard to find?

So some of you know I was debating between a Honda Accord and a Hyundai Sonata for my next car. My rental choices were either a large SUV…or a Hyundai Sonata. Extended test drive, begin! Spoiler: I ended up with a Hyundai.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to the whole “shopping for a new car thing”, I didn’t really have much to spend for Black Friday. However, I did spring about $39 for 1500-thread count sheets so I can be spend my sleepless nights of anxiety in comfort. Adulting done right, am I right?


My spirit vs. my wallet.

  • General Stress

So the whole car buying experience was a nightmare, dealing with a bunch of scamsters who tried to bait-and-switch me. Lesson: Don’t mess with a librarian – we research, compare, verify and double check to make sure you’re trying to pull a fast one. From start to finish, I think I knocked about $2300 off the price tag. Not bad for my first car buying experience!

On top of all that stress, I started to feel some of the effects from the car accident. I wish I could say that I walked away feeling 100%, but I’m afraid not. I wonder how Batman manages all this.

  • I got a haircut!

I decided the hair needed some kind of change, so my stylist decided to swoop my front hair to the side. It’s not a life-altering difference, but it’s nice! My hair says “new!”, but my face says “stressed”.

  • Lots of great holidays!

Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope they’re great (AND SAFE). Here’s to the next post being happier!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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