Coming Up For Air…


Just taking a moment to thank you all for your patience during these trying times over at BL. Here’s a quick 30-second recap since our last intrepid experience:

  • My phone got fried by an update (more to come on that)
  • School has many papers this semester, my writing hands have been busy
  • I’m giving annual appraisals to my staff all this month, more busy!
  • RFID self-check stations finally come this week (MORE BUSY)
Break time, people.

Break time, people.

“Wait Justin, didn’t you already handle the RFID stuff?

Nope, that was only the beginning. Back in September, we did inventory and tagged our entire collection, followed by more tagging and stress. There was some crying, some bleeding, but we all came out in one piece. This week, the actual tech comes in for the difficult parts.

While I don’t always have time to write the amazing posts that you guys love so much, my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are great for keeping you entertained between posts. If you didn’t follow me, you might have missed my totally awesome circulation display!

I put these hearts up along the back of our desk area, total credit to Pinterest for the idea.

Maybe advice is more your thing? Always looking to improve your game?

BOOM: Pro tips, free of charge.

Maybe you just need a laugh or live vicariously through the misadventures of others.

Yup, we’ve got that covered, too.

(I say, “we” because this was a team effort to clean up.)

And back to the grindstone! I’d way be writing about library adventures than structural vs. cyclical unemployment and monetary vs. fiscal policy, believe me. However, it’s necessary if I want director jobs and and consulting. (I am available for consulting, FYI. Apparently, people didn’t know that I do consulting?)

Next time on BL (probably): Technology and the struggles of it – especially if you’re an Android user. Have a great weekend and/or week next week!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian


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