Happy New Year From Brash Librarian

Happy New Year, Friends!

Here we are, already into the beginning of our second week of 2017. We lost many great people in 2016 like Alan Rickman, Elie Wiesel, Prince, and library supporter/book lover David Bowie, to name a few. Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were particularly close to my heart. Not only am I an avid Star Wars fan, but I can also make the claim to being serenaded by Debbie herself.

That’s right, Debbie Reynolds personally serenaded me.

The reaction I get from most people.

The reaction I get from most people.

I was about 7 years old when my family saw Debbie Reynolds live in Vegas. She spotted me at our table and asked me my name…then announced that she’d sing a song for me. It was a late night show, so I started falling asleep like any little boy. In my last moments before sleep, Debbie started to sing a song called “Goodnight, Justin”.

I truly wish I had been older when I met Debbie. I was too young to appreciate that this legend – the star of what would be my favorite musical years later, the mother of Princess Leia – choose to sing to me. Thank you for giving me a magical night I will carry with me forever. Goodnight to both of you, ladies.

You're missed, General Leia.

You’re missed as well, General Leia.

So let’s go back and look at some of the great highlights we’ve through together here on Brash Librarian!

I had the privilege to work with so many great professionals this year.

fist bump

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Sarah Clark over at Better Library Leaders, I got to learn about copyright and usage with the folks over at the Unshelved comic series, and I’m celebrating one year with Combatant Gentleman, an online clothier that offers a 15% discount for library professionals (just use the code BRASH15).

I was promoted to Circulation Manager! (AKA, “I want to see the manager”)

That’s right, it’s no longer Lieutenant Cruch now…



One year ago today, I announced that I would probably be writing a little less because of the increased responsibility. I’m both pleased and sad that I didn’t disappoint. It comes with managing a team of 9 people.

I turned 30!


I was so blessed to have the time and funds to travel back to Florida and ring in my 30th birthday with my best friends at my favorite bar in the universe. I was really terrified about leaving my 20s and entering 30, I’ll admit. Now that I’ve been in it for about six months…it’s not so bad. I feel a little wiser and braver. Just in time for ALA…


I attended my first ALA Convention!

That was an amazing trip. I made connections and new friends, I got to see friends and family, and even hang out with my nephew who visited from Denver!

I entered the MBA program at Texas A&M University.

I’d debated this for awhile, but I decided it’s what I needed if I really wanted to rise both professionally and personally. I love that I’m learning tons, but sad that my social life has dropped to zero…for now.

I went through my first inventory and RFID.

han solo falcon

And we’re just getting started.

It was certainly a fun and interesting foray into new experiences and technology. However, that was JUST the tagging part. The actual book sorting machine, self check-out stations and accompanying toys haven’t even arrived it.

I was in a car accident.

If nothing else, November 2016-present has taught me that car shopping sucks, insurance sucks more, and to have zero faith in anyone and everything car related. RIP little 2003 Honda Accord, I’ll have to make do with a Hyundai Sonata.

Resolutions? Hmm…that’s tough.

I’m planning to get back into working out – I injured my shoulder right before Christmas and I’m still waiting for that to heal. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t exercise the rest of me and eat right. The main resolution here would be to have a body like Stephen Amell in Arrow.

stephen amell9

He’s like 34, I still got time. Yes, I did my research.

Body image aside, I think I want to improve my entire self. Way too often, people tell me that I’m too humble, that I don’t take enough credit, that I push myself too hard, that I deserve more and shouldn’t settle. Maybe I will this year! I used to be way more arrogant, cocky, dismissive, etc; I feel that I’ve really come a long way, but a few people suggested that I might have over-corrected and swung to far back in the opposite direction. I suppose I could try to put the “Brash” back into Brash Librarian?

(Yeah, that sounds catchy! The Brash is back! Watch out, world! He’s da coolest!)

Thanks, stereotypical late 80s/early 90s voice in my head!

As my mom always says to me when I talk about all the people I’m helping and the stress work and school can take on me: “That’s great, but have you been good to Justin?”

I think this year is about being good to me as well as others. Bruce Wayne can’t live as Batman 24/7, and I have to hang my cape up every now and again to help myself. To sum up this year’s resolutions: Be good to the world and to Justin (but especially in the 6 pack abs way).

That’s all for this week, I hope everyone is having an okay start to the New Year!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian






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