Book Returns and TLA and Weddings – Oh My!

Hey Friends!

Every time I think I’m starting to think I’ve caught my breath from the last rollercoaster, it starts up all over again. While I wish this would happen at Disney and Universal more often, I’d prefer it to not happen during my daily routine as much.

That’s right, Universal. I’m calling you out. The Hulk rollercoaster is way too short.

I wasn’t the only one who’s been out of sorts. Even my colleague Yaika over at Glasses Attached has been backlogged as well – but more on her later!

We installed a new book return at one of our libraries!

Last year, we purchased an automated book return/book sorter from Lyngsoe Systems. We liked it so much, we installed another one at our other branch! (Review coming soon)


Since this was my second time helping install one of these, I had a much better idea of what I was doing. Last time, most of the programming was already completed in advance; while most of the programming was completed, there were a few things that needed to be changed. Since this was a 3-bin sorter and the sorter we have at our central branch is a 5-bin sorter, we had to reconfigure a few rules to make sure books were going in the right places. After we started re-configuring the rules in the sorter programming, I got the hang of it very quickly. What would have taken 2 or 3 hours for our installation tech to do by himself, we finished together in about 45 minutes! Not gonna lie, I kinda felt like Tony Stark for the library.

Yeah, that feels about right.

If you are interested in getting a sorter for your library, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. As I said, I’ll be doing a review of their sorter in the not-so-distant future. After everything was in place and fully operational, I was ready to pack my bags for a week of fun at the Texas Library Association (TLA) conference! (or TXLA if you want to be picky).

As always, TLA is a great place to learn, teach, make new friends and see old ones. This time, I had the pleasure to hang out with my good friend Yaika and catch up. I’ll also take this moment to congratulate Yaika on her new job as a circulation manager! Like me, she now shares in the joys of helping patrons and endures the occasional angry person who insists they returned their book last week.

Like many of my previous posts involving conferences, this one starts out with food!

Rolls, salads, sandwiches, wraps, chips…even the occasional drink if you’re lucky. Keep in mind this was just one table. Elsewhere, there are cakes, truffles, and desserts to be had. Places like the American Library Association (ALA) conference even have liquid nitrogen frozen popcorn!

While I had a few programs, panels and sessions that interested me, I probably had the most fun at a graphic novel panel – and not just because my friend Yaika was on the panel, but because the group was excited and nerding out over comic books. It’s also where I met John Shableski from Udon Entertainment, a company that does amazing work bringing graphic novels and anime into libraries and the hearts of people everywhere. One area that held great interest to me was their Manga Classics series, wherein they adapt classic literature into modern manga books.

Same classic books, slick new presentation.

That’s right – perfect for kids who like anime and manga, but don’t want to read what they consider the old boring stuff. Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Scarlet Letter, lots to choose from.

Oh, did I mention they even have lesson plans? That’s right, teachers – they give you customized lesson plans.

After a great time at TLA, it was time to drive 5 hours back home in the library Prius, followed by Ubering back to my apartment…so I could pack again, sleep, get another Uber to the airport, and fly to Florida!!!

Once again, I’m back in Florida for another wedding and to visit family. I flew in just in time to be picked up by a concierge car – courtesy of Chateau Du Mom. Staying with moms is invaluable. Especially when they have your favorites waiting!

After that, it was time for some rest, relaxation, and a hair of shopping. THEY EVEN HAD HAMMOCKS!

There was a little bit of shopping, a little bit of relaxing, there was this seafood dinner when I shucked, like, 30-something oysters…yeah, it was good to relax a bit. It was great to see friends, family, and to attend the wedding of a family member. Congratulations, Chris and Rabya!

Oh gosh! I almost forgot…Happy Star Wars Day!

That’s all I have this week, stay tuned and May the 4th be with you!


Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian











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