Obligatory Happy Birthday Post!

Hey friends!

Happy Birthday from the Brash Librarian!

Wait…I’m writing a post, so it’s technically from me…but it’s my birthday, so shouldn’t it technically be “Happy Birthday to me”?…I don’t know, I’m getting lost. Eh, I’ll do it both ways.


Happy Birthday to/from the Brash Librarian!

While Monday birthdays aren’t always the greatest thing, the past two weeks were incredibly stressful and didn’t help either.

Yeah, my birthday was on May 21st. I feel like I’ve been writing this post for like three weeks, but everyone and their grandma has had an issue. So far:

  • People were out sick, including the delivery driver. Guess who delivers the books to branch when he’s out?
  • People were on vacation – hey, better now than during summer when we’re slammed.
  • Crazy people causing all kinds of commotions, cops getting involved, and lots of paperwork.
  • Our internet went down here and there, and our computer management software has been dodgy since installing new payment stations for printing.
  • One of the payment stations fell off the truck and severely damaged the unit. JOY.
  • Our DVD machine broke. Guess who has to repair that when it goes down, too?

Basically, I’m 11 days into being 32 and I’m ready to be 33. If there was one shining good thing from the work, my team bought pizza and a birthday card for two of us having birthdays this week.

Also, I won two trophies in the local parade and accepted it in front of 100-something people on Friday, so that was pretty cool!

Also another fun thing I’ve been trying is a new wi-fi hotspot from T-Mobile. I got a hold of it a few weeks ago and have been testing it for library use. We’ll see how it goes!


Of course, I’ve been getting lots of people asking, “So how old are you?” these days. I recently watched a great video featuring Bryan Cranston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne making parodies of 80’s dating videos, and I love Benedict’s answer: “I am…somewhere over 30”. If you haven’t seen it, watch this slice of fried gold below!


Okay, I’m gonna send this out before another crazy event pull me away from my desk. Don’t forget, you can always follow the action on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay informed on all my adventures between posts!

Have a great Friday!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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