I Swear, I’m Not Dead!

Hey Friends!

I know, I know, it’s been a month since I’ve posted. School, job hunting, and other hootinany have gotten in my way…But no more! I couldn’t deny my adoring fans a day longer!

Did I say fans? I meant my serious, academic and scholarly peers.

Let’s Catch up!

Class has been going well for the most part. Storytelling is going lovely! I never thought I’d be in a class telling Aesop fables for college credit. The science and art behind telling a good story is far more involved than I thought! My Information Foundations and Management classes are going well, though I wish there was more storytelling.

Things are progressing on the job front, fingers crossed! I’ve applied to a few different positions around the area (some outside the area), so we’ll see what happens.

Hootinany-wise, my birthday party was a success! My party was pajama-themed, with a special twist. I made it a B.Y.O.B. party: not “bring your own beer”, but “bring your own book”! I had everyone bring a book to donate to LARK for mentally challenged readers. Everyone brought great books and great gifts! Chrissy gave me a hand-stitched Star Wars plaque, Jovon brought a birthday cake she made from scratch, Ryan gave me a bottle of blood-red mead, Katy brought her famous peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread (or PBCCBB for those in the know), and Caitlin made me a bearded beanie that models Gimli’s hat and beard from The Lord of The Rings!

Blowing out birthday candles!

Caitlin made me a Gimli Beanie! Now I just need an axe!

Crissy gave me this book! It’s written from an 8 year old’s perspective. GENIUS.

The wise words of Han Solo now hang in my entrance hall!

As for things in my everyday life (if I have such a thing), my training for the Superhero Scramble is going well! I learned from the Swamp Dash back in April that endurance cardio is my weak point, so more running has been added to the regimen. I HATE running, but I’ll do it. Crawling over high walls and under barbed wire? Lifting heavy objects? I’m in. Running in a straight line? Meh, not as fun. If anyone in the area would like to join up or just watch the race, I’ll be racing in the 9:30am wave in Waldo on July 28th.

I’ve been redecorating my apartment! New art, furniture, decorations – all free since I’m on a broke grad student budget. I also enjoy making my own stuff. My latest creation? A Sherlock Holmes key rack!

I now live at 221B Baker Street, home of the famous detective! Yes, I will make you one if you ask.

I recently went to Hollywood Studios at Disney World with some friends, and had a blast! I hadn’t been in over a decade, it was so cool to see what had changed and what had remained the same. We went on all the rides and saw nearly every show…including the INDIANA JONES STUNT SHOW!!! There was no way that I, the Brash Librarian, was going to leave without trying a fedora on.

How could I resist?

I had so much fun, I really needed the break from life’s brouhahas. Thanks to Jovon, Molly and Bryan!

And now, it’s time to shamelessly plug your local library! My friend (and Brash sidekick) Katy checked out Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance from the local library. Personally, I thought the first one was a pile of garbage, but it was free to watch and I figured it would only cost about two hours of my life, so why not? My open-mindedness was rewarded with a totally sweet movie! The dialogue was cheesy, but also poignant at times. Also, Ghost Rider can now possess any vehicle, not just his demonic motorcycle. After his bike is blown up, he possesses a crane in a rock quarry. Let me reiterate that: a giant, flaming crane! This was far better than the first movie, and I would recommend it if you like flames, demonic motorcycles, Nicolas Cage being his twitchy, loopy, neurotic self, or Twinkies. Yes, there’s a joke about Twinkies. Even if you have no interest, go to your library and get a movie anyway! It’s free, and you can’t beat free. Thank you Katy for sharing this gem of a movie with me!

Flaming motorcycles for libraries.

More to come soon! I’ll update you on how the LARK donation goes, along with other new shenanigans.

Stay classy, kids! Until next time!

Justin Brasher, the Brash Librarian

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