Gentlemen, pay attention. Ladies, enjoy.

Hey Friends!

So I was out at dinner the other night with some friends and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a guy who will remain anonymous. This new acquaintance insisted that there was no such thing as a sexy male librarian. Yes, this guy really was that off his rocker. “Girls can pull off the sexy librarian look, but guys? Eh, I don’t think so.” I consider myself a fairly handsome guy, thankyouverymuch. I politely informed him that as a guy who’s in Library School, I can do the sexy librarian look, too. I also listed off Giles, Indiana Jones, and Noah Wiley as sexy male librarians. When he tried to argue that Indy isn’t a librarian, I shamelessly sent him to my blog.

This reminded me of when my Brash Sidekick Katy sent a calendar my way entitled The Men of The Stacks, a calendar of sexy male librarians you can get right here. Oh yes, ladies! Calendars aren’t just for Chippendale dancers and firemen; they’re for those literary men you just can’t get enough of!

Speaking of which, I just ordered new glasses! I ordered two pairs – a pair of super groovy green and black ones, and a pair of black “Peter Parker” frames. My friend Crissy tells me they’re all the rage. Pictures to come! Assuming they look good!
Keep on looking good, library people!

-Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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