Brash Librarian Serves Up Ecuador!

Hey Friends!

Things have been uber-busy, and that’s my bad. I promise I’ll have some fresh updates, but here’s a sweet update in the meantime! I had the pleasure of speaking to some children in Levy County about my experiences living in Ecuador.

To quote Jeff Hardison’s article on

As part of the summer program of the Levy County Public Library System, Youth Services Coordinator Jenny Rodgers has again brought several guest speakers to the county’s five public libraries. Last year, Rodgers started the program, which includes opportunities for the children to make crafts related to the country or program, and to enjoy food that is native to the area being discussed. And, just like last year, each program includes a chance for the children to receive a supplemental snack from the University of Florida Nutrition Program. Many of the presenters have been University of Florida students or U.F. graduate students.
So far, the audiences at the various libraries have seen programs related to China, Puerto Rico, Greece, Iran, Nepal and now Ecuador. Not every country is presented at every library. In the coming weeks, there is a plan for participants to enjoy programs related to The Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, the United States of America, Haiti, Colombia (South America), and Animals of the World.

The Brash Librarian and my friend, Nicole!

I spoke to the children about my time living in a cloud forest wildlife preserve along with being in Quito and Guayaquil. My good friend Nicole, a long-time horseback rider and  owner of a horse farm, told us about the various horse breeds found in Ecuador. I gave the presentation in Cedar Key, Williston and Chiefland. Following the presentation, we indulged in some delicious Tres Leches cake – an Ecuadorian dessert made my yours truly and company. This is my signature dessert, best thing ever. Read the entire article here!

More to come soon. I love you all!

Justin Brasher, Brasher Librarian

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