Time Travel IS Possible!

I stepped into a time machine and it took me a month into the future! Exciting, right? Now I can-

Wait a minute……..GASP!

A month with no Brash News? This needs to be fixed immediately!

So what’s going on in the important stuff: The College of Communication and Information (home of library school) at FSU is still having their Goldstein Endowed Scholarship Fund going on. You can read about it in my first post about it, or you can see how it works below!

Step One: Check out the CCI Goldstein Endowed Scholarship Fund at


Step Two: Select how much you’d like to donate. Not sure how much? Don’t worry! You can always add more to your donation later.

Step Three: In the Tribute Information section, just put my name (Justin Brasher) or Brash Librarian on there and you’re on your way to fabulous prizes! In true Kickstarter fashion, I’m giving out goodies to people who donate. What would you like?

-$5-10 = Get your name mentioned on Brash Librarian – first name only!

-$11-25 = Get your name mentioned and personal thank you letters from:

  • The Brash Librarian, Justin Brasher
  • Dr. Lawrence Dennis, Dean of FSU’s College of Communication & Information
  • Ms. Mary Jane Little, FSU School of Library & Information Studies Distinguished Alumnae, CCI Leadership Board past chair  and member

-$25-49 = Get yourself featured in a future post – photo, bio, whatever you’d like to share!

-$50+ =THE BIG ONE: Your own one-on-one interview with the Brash Librarian!


The College has also been generous enough to donate a special grand prize! Any Brash Librarian fans who donate are entered to win a special FSU bundle – t-shirts, pens, coffee mug, stuff that says, “I support libraries and library students! I’m so Brash, it hurts.”

I’ve had a question or two about this said package. What does this stuff look like? What kind of mug? Any other cool stuff?

T-shirts, coffee mug, travel mug, pens, bookmarks…sah-weet!

Now then, back to me! Last we left off, I was gearing up for the Spartan Sprint Race in Tampa. What a good time it was! 

Ridiculously photogenic barbed wire racer.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t my favorite race. This was their first “hybrid” course that included moving in and out of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium. As such, there was alot of running up and down stairs. Come on people, I came for obstacles and mud! If I wanted to just run stadiums, I could do that at home.

I soar over flaming logs with the greatest of ease. WHEE!

With that said, some of the obstacles were unique ones I had never encountered before. They also saved a rope climb for last that almost tired me out. I was gripping the rope so tightly, I tore my glove.

Post race. Red and black, kicking A$$ and taking names.

I was rather surprised at my finish time. As it turns out, I was over 40 minutes faster than I was at the Superhero Scramble two years ago! Aw yeah. The best part of Tampa was being able to spend a whole weekend with family! I had the pleasure of visiting my sister Ashley, her husband and my amazing friend Nigel, and their baby boy Alistair. Speaking of which, today is his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday kiddo, I promise I’ll see you soon. 🙂

They even came to support me at the race! I’m so happy to have them in my life.

Coming up next: I’m not really sure, but I’ll hopefully have more library news coming to you. Oh – the Florida Library Association (FLA) conference is coming up soon! I can’t wait to go.

Till next time!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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