Do you like Carnivals?

Hey Friends!

Sorry, no heavy and in-depth post this week…my library has been busy gearing up for a carnival this Saturday! We’ve been putting this thing together for months for getting kids into reading during spring break. (It also coincides with our book sale!)

As such, I haven’t had much time this week for a post. Just a quick sneak peak at some things I’ve been working on if you haven’t been following my Facebook page:

Regular Carnival games like Big Mouth will be attendance!

brash 4

Big Mouth: Throw the tennis ball through the hole and win!


All of our games were designed, cut, painted and crafted by library staff. All the nails in our Plinko board were put in by yours truly!


176 nails. WHOO-EEE, is my hammer arm tired!

Other games included will be picking out rubber ducks for prizes, ring toss, football throw, penny drop, fishing for prizes and more – 11 games total.


I think it’s pretty good at this point.

We even made a display with mini versions of our games!


Very adorable!

It’s all been built and is ready to go – don’t worry, I’ll get pics of all the games now that they’re done. If I’m lucky, I’ll get some pics of me doing my MAGIC SHOW!

Yup, I’m doing a magic show with all kinds of crowd pleasing tricks. For this show I will:

  • Freeze water instantly!
  • Make things levitate!
  • Make things teleport
  • Make rabbits vanish! (It’s only paper rabbits, but come on)
  • Pour juice into a hat without ruining it!
  • Slice a banana with a laser pointer!
  • Turn scarves into a flag!
  • And much more!

Librarians, are you guys doing anything for spring break kids? Let me know what your library is up to!


Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian


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