Brash Jobs: Better Library Leaders

Hey Friends!

WOW, I can’t remember the last time I was this busy. In the last week or two, I have:

  • Traveled to several libraries to look at RFID technology.
  • Rolled out new computer/print management software in the library, and all the bugs that includes.
  • Had 5 quizzes, one exam, a research paper, and preparing for another group project. (And that’s all just one class. Welcome to summer MBA classes.)
  • Performed a magic show for the Texas Children’s Hospital Back-to-School event at the local mall.

That little girl was SO happy! This was right before I blew her skeptical brother’s mind.

Despite being that busy, I still found time to sit down and speak with Dr. Sarah Clark over at Better Library Leaders, a podcast, blog, and Facebook community designed to explore the elements of great libraries and great library leaders. This week, Sarah and I discussed getting into libraries (particularly actors-turned-librarians), social media, our shared struggle of living as library celebrities, and more.

Listen to our conversation on her podcast here!


better library leaders

Awesome! This is totally going on my instagram and twitter, BTW.

Sarah has a PhD in Higher Education Leadership as well as an MLIS, and has worked in just about every job from front desk paraprofessional to associate library director. She provides helpful tips, insightful interviews, and other resources that will help you make your career (and your library) the best they can be. Public library? Academic? School? Some special offshoot? Not even in libraries yet? It’s cool, she’s still got stuff you could learn.

This all started when Sarah and I stumbled upon each other in the Facebook library community some time ago, and have tried to promote one another whenever possible. While being an actor is a cutthroat business, being library superstars like ourselves is (usually) not. Recently, Sarah asked me if I’d like to do a piece with her and I was honored. I’ve never been on a podcast before! I’ve done some stuff with my friends on film critic and comic book podcasts, but never anything library-related before.

Give it a listen here and tell me what you think. I want to hear from you: what’s most important to you? Let me know and I’ll follow up on what’s important to you! You can also let me know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what you’d like to see!

Alright, back to this computer/MBA circus I’m running, I hope you all enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we enjoyed making it!

Justin Brasher, Brash Librarian

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